A complete turn key importing business in a box

Get Taken Inside The Lucrative Importing Business

Here is everything you get – please be aware there is nothing like this that exists in the world, it has been designed to help you get started in business quickly and easily provided you just take action and follow the process we give you

Component #1 – Package A the base system $29,990 + gst

  • #1 Introduction To The Importing Business
    #2 Importing Business Model Manual
    #3 Administration, Accounting and Banking Manual
    #4 How To Select Profitable Hot Products
    #5 International Shipping, Local Handling and storage
    #6 Online Marketing Manual
    #7 Offline marketing Manual
    #8 How to Follow up for more sales Manual
    #9 Marketing Strategies Manual
    #10 How To Get High End Customers Manual
    #11 Importing Ideas Into Money Manual
    #12 Hot Products Manual

Component #2 – Package B the upgraded system $10,000 + gst

  • #13 How To Generate Leads For Your Business (Advanced Training)
    #14 How To Use Video To Presell And Pre-engage (Advanced Training)
    #15 How To Deal With Customers Once They Enquire (Advanced Training)
    #16 Five Phases To Get Your Business Up And Running (Advanced Training)
    #17 How To Multiply The Effects Of Your Lead Generation
    #18 How To Implement Various Advertising Methods
    #19 How to source for fast cashflow
    #20 How to use Amazon for profit
    #21 How to think like a millionaire
    #22 FAQs Manual
    #23 Marketing System Handover Manual

All the below is added FREE to package B

Component #3 – Market and Product selection

Over 80 product niches, suppliers details, support to understand how to select a product and ensure market and exact step by step guidance to ensure it adds up and will work for you before we build the marketing system.

Included here is the chance to be guides through dealing with suppliers in china this trip happens 3 times per year you are invited to attend all you need to do is get your self there and accommodated yourself full details are given on exactly what to do where to stay etc when you are a customer

Component #4 – Turnkey

Component #4 – Turnkey Logistics And On The Ground Support

We give you options of exact people we use and we have check out to ensure are reliable and honest, you deal direct with them so as time goes on you are in full control of your business

Component #5 – Website written and built for you

Our team takes the information write and builds out a detailed working website designed inform your customer and to capture enquires

Component #6 – Adverts And Where To Advertise

We build out over 70 letters, ads and other marketing assets, all able to be easily edited and modified by you in the future, also when the system is handed over se show you exactly where to advertise for your exact situation so you have customers enquiring right away

Component #7 – Fully Automated Marketing System

Attached to your website is a automated marketing system which will tell you when to call and speak to your costumer when to post information to your customers plus will also automatically keep in contact with your customers on your behalf

Component #8 – 3 day face to face training

You are able to attend a 3 day face to face training held at our learning centre on the gold coast – customers who attend this accelerate further faster

Component #9 – One on one support

Your questions answered within 24 hours – 48 hours we give you exact support details to make this happen exclusive to just clients within the business in a box

Component #10 – Unique business academy

This take you step by step to build out a million dollar a year business, there is weekly group coaching you can join in with other business owners and ask specific questions on specific topics plus you have lesson delivered weekly that take you step by step to the million dollar business , if a million dollar business sounds far of now once you go through the manuals dvds and cds you will see it broken down into easy to follw steps and process all you need to do is do it.

Component #11 – 365 coaching area and certification

This is where we are always updating information such as the phases you go through plus we are always adding up to the minute latest cutting edge information and support.

Component #12 – Cash on demand system

A system within a system discover how to turn $2k into 10K and $10 k into 40K – this is worth the investment in the system alone it is designed to get you enough cash flow to up grade you to full importing business in a box latter if you like.

Also now added to system – detailed handover call that lays out a blueprint of your business. This call is recorded and is in video format, as it contains way too much information to absorb in one call.

Part 1 – part 1 of the call is going over the entire marketing systems we create for you. It’s all carefully explained so you understand how to use each piece in relation to your
exact situation.

Part 2 – an exact checklist of where you should advertise; in most cases a list of 20 – 30 advertising methods and exact details of how to use each method laid out specifically
to you and your business.

This is an actual check list where to advertise specifically for you to get enquiries to
come directly to you.

Part 3 – cash flow and budget forecast, a budget is laid out for you based on what is realistic and doable, included are suggested monthly targets and monthly costs.

The end goal is we build out for you a solid, sustainable business with a complete blueprint going forward, help and support, plus a complete automated system designed to follow up your customers.

Plus, 20 – 30 advertising methods to get you to have customers enquire with you. All
you need to do is follow the systems and process we show you within the manuals DVD
and CDS and operate the business.

The Importing Business In A Box Includes Our Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1 – Your questions answered within 48 hours

We are here to support and guide you; while the Importing Business In a Box keeps expanding, leave no stone unturned and become more and more innovative, we know you may still have questions. We guarantee that 99% of the time we will answer any questions you have relating to the business within 48hrs.

Guarantee #2 – Product niche guarantee

We understand that sometimes your biggest question may be which product to import and which product is right for you. We guarantee you that we will suggest a product niche to suit you that will also reach your income goals; this is all part of what we do as part of the process to getting you up and running in your very own importing business.

Guarantee #3 – System works or will help you tweak or rebuild it until it does

We are so confident with the marketing system we create for you, that as a way of showing you our absolute confidence in the marketing system we guarantee that the marketing system will work provided that you take the time to advertise, follow the instructions and do everything we show you. We guarantee that you will be able to generate enquiries from customers, or we will work with you to tweak or rebuild your system within the 12 months until the advertising works and generates enquiries for you.

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