A complete turn key importing business in a box

Guarantee Certificate

Importing Cash Flow – No Questions Asked Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1 – Your questions answered within 48 hours

We are here to support and guide you; while the Importing Business In a Box keeps expanding, leave no stone unturned and become more and more innovative, we know you may still have questions. We guarantee that 99% of the time we will answer any questions you have relating to the business within 48hrs.

Guarantee #2 – Product niche guarantee

We understand that sometimes your biggest question may be which product to import and which product is right for you. We guarantee you that we will suggest a product niche to suit you that will also reach your income goals; this is all part of what we do as part of the process to getting you up and running in your very own importing business.

Guarantee #3 – System works or will help you tweak or rebuild it until it does

We are so confident with the marketing system we create for you, that as a way of showing you our absolute confidence in the marketing system we guarantee that the marketing system will work provided that you take the time to advertise, follow the instructions and do everything we show you. We guarantee that you will be able to generate enquiries from customers, or we will work with you to tweak or rebuild your system until the advertising works and generates enquiries for you.

This guarantee is for the Importing Business in a Box purchased after June 1st 2018.