A complete turn key importing business in a box

Chances Are You Have Never Seen Anything Like This And May Never In The Future. Keep Reading To See What The Importing Business In A Box Is.

In A Nutshell – The Importing Business In A Box Is A Result Of Years Of Running My Own Multimillion Importing Business, Years Of Having My Own Team Build Out Automated Systems And Years Of Me Spending Millions Of Dollars In Advertising, Research And Development To Find Out What Really Works When Running A Business. – Now You Can Access It At A Fraction Of The Cost.


Here’s the truth, some people come to me and tell me how they read “The 4 Hours Work Week” and want to do nothing. Fact is that’s not how you get ahead. It’s a popular book, a best seller. Why? Because everyone wants an easy magic button. In essence the Importing Business in a Box is a magic button. Once it is up, running and working you can control where and when you work and how much you make, you are completely in control of your destiny.

The below information will help you understand the Importing Business in a Box better, but you really do need to register above or below to watch the detailed video and/or download the book and you can also have a complimentary information package posted out to you as well if you like. First step is filling in the form above or below for further detailed information.

The Importing Business in a Box is…

A Proven System

The same system I have used to do over $70 million in sales in my own businesses and who knows how many million for people who have invested in my systems, process and knowledge. Basically the system becomes free by taking you past mistakes or by simply accelerating your journey.

An Alternative to a Franchise

Yes franchises are popular, but in all honesty short of a few exceptions franchises are a floored business model. In essence all you are really doing is creating value for someone else’s business. I will prove this to you beyond any doubt when you watch the video. Access it by registering above or below.

Process Driven

We take you through everything step by step. Myself and my team of 9 are in the background helping you for a full 12 months – this allows you to have someone to ask questions but also allows you to be free and able to do as you please – this is not a franchise.

Complete Turnkey Business

We take you through a carefully designed and refined process to ensure you pick the right product for yourself. The products adds up to your income goals and it works ongoing – this gives you a solid, sustainable business. Ongoing with unlimited expansion possibilities.

An Alternative To Investing In An Existing Business

Fact is you need to invest normally at least 3 times the profit of an up and running existing business, plus stock, plus bonds, plus legal fees, plus lease costs and much more.

All this adds up, and in essence you end up working for free for 2 – 3 years and you have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, often mortgaging your house, risking your entire existence and life savings.

If you do survive the first 12 months you find out you had a huge learning curve and the owner left you a lot of problems you could not see from the outside – if you are nodding your head now, you may well have been through this already.

If not, save yourself the mistake and the expense, not to mention the pressure, stress and heartache – register above or below to watch the video and I will prove it to you beyond doubt.

A Real Business

A real business gives you a reliable and predicable way of…

Getting Customers

Serving Customers

Getting Customer To Refer You

A real business delivers the income you want and deserve for yourself

A real business is NOT an online store; if an online store was so good, there would not be Westfield’s, there would be no one going out on a Saturday morning buying stuff, the shops would not be full.

Trust me, I have tried it all: eBay shops, online shops. Fact is the mathematics don’t add up (sorry to be the bearer of bad news) but the truth is margins are low, stock levels are high and in reality you are playing in a world of price-sensitive shoppers wanting the cheapest thing. These are by far the worst customers.

There are exceptions, of course, but these businesses end up with all the problems above plus having to hire staff to solve the problems created and having to put full-on customer service teams. This eats into the margins.

You just can’t compete with this. Plus I haven’t even mentioned the fact that with eBay you are competing against people in China making $10 profit who are glad with it, as to them it’s a lot of money. And truth is I have found out the hard way that this doesn’t work, investing my time and money. Save yourself the pain – register above or below, watch the video.

Let me show you a proven, solid, real business model that allows you to live life how you want to live it and allows you to be free with no staff, no overheads and no hassles, plus you don’t need to hold stock.

Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. I will prove it to you in the video beyond doubt. The importing business model I show you is a business model I have been using for years and still use. It’s a real business – register to watch the video to find out more.

A Business That Is Totally Your Own

We take you through a solid process over 45 – 90 days to get you up and running. You are not restricted by territories, boundaries or anything else. We are not middlemen and don’t take commissions, there is nothing payable to us ongoing; invest once, profit forever. We set you up, support you and you are free to do as little or as much as you want to do.

By Application Only

Yes, we do not accept everyone, sorry. I regularly tell people I don’t believe this is suitable for them and cannot help them. If you are negative, nasty, rude or obnoxious, seriously …stop reading this now, as this is not for you. We only like to work with positive, pleasant people with a can-do attitude and a burning desire to succeed – if this is you, then you really should watch the video that explains the business in full. Register above or below to access it and also get an optional complimentary information package posted to you.

This Is A Business That Has No Limit On Upside

In reality the only upside limit is what you are willing to do. We work everything upfront to ensure the business will achieve your income goals, then you are free as a bird to go as far as you would like with your business. Want to work school hours? That’s fine. Want to travel 90 days per year and work in the morning from your hotel room? That’s fine. Want to work part time while still doing your other work? That’s fine.

A Business That Can Be Started Part Time While You Are Working.

Reassuringly Expensive

The importing business is a box is not cheap; you may have already read that it starts from $29,900 + GST. Truth is the main package is $39,900 + GST. Finance is available from around $180 per week.

Anything that costs you less can’t deliver. If you have ever run a business before, you will already know that the cost of staff over 12 months adds up. Then there is advertising, electricity, internet and so on. I have 9 staff to make all this happen. I get paid once and I support you for 12 months and you profit forever. ( don’t worry you don’t need staff I have them so I can support you I am used to having them I have had up to 60 in past businesses so I sort of used to it all…. While your investment is reassuringly expensive , in reality what you get is a dead set bargain compared to a franchise or existing business or trying to randomly do it yourself—treat me a like an architect: myself and my team design and build out the business you want, just like an architect.

Like I said you don’t need the staff I have and you can have total autonomy, but to be truthful I am really not giving you the full depth of what we deliver to you with your importing business in a box. To find out more register above or below to watch the video, read the book and/or claim your complimentary information package that will be posted to you.

A Ticket To Freedom On Your Own Terms

The end result is, the importing business in a box is a complete turnkey business it is designed to be solid and ongoing for you, built to your circumstances and to your designed lifestyle.
This includes you knowing exactly how to get customers – we give you 15 – 30 advertising methods customised just to you so you get enquires, plus a product niche that suites you. I use my 15 years’ experience in importing and millions of dollars of my own money on the table and countless overseas trips to steer you past mistakes.

What’s Next?

Go Ahead, Take Action. Register Above Or Below To Watch The Video And/Or Read The Book In Full Explaining About This Business Opportunity. You Can, Of Course, Also Request A Complimentary Information Package To Be Posted Out To You As Well.