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Importing cashflow Helping you create the lifestyle you want to live …

What we believe

  • – Importing from china should be fun, exciting and a lifestyle
  • – Everyone who is willing to put in effort over time deserves a business that is designed around there lifestyle
  • – You should not have to mortgage your house and everything you own to buy a business for hundreds of thousands of dollars working for free for years
  • – A fair playing field is when you invest once profit forever
  • – Franchises are set up for the franchisor not the franchises
  • – It’s a race to the bottom in amazon and ebay as everyone jumps on the band wagon competing against each other
  • – That our customers should be number 1 and we offer them as much support as we can
  • – The real reliable money is made by humans talking to humans
  • – We only accept positive people who want to make a difference to their lives into our programs
  • – Everybody deserves the right to escape the 9 to 5 treadmill provided they are willing to take action

Our mission

The mission at importing cashflow is to allow as many people as possible to get into a business that is cost effective, lower risk than a existing business, a franchise or trying to wing it them selves and has no limit in the upside, a business where products are bought once they are sold, customers enquire early wanting to buy your product and everything can be done with a laptop phone and the internet.

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